My Goal: To Inspire Life-Changing Careers

I love working with high achievers - people just like you, to help develop the clarity, confidence and strategies you’ll need to create a remarkable career. The career you deserve! To help make this happen, I believe there are three areas that you'll need to focus on, and eventually master.

Personal Skills Development

The Foundation for Success

Education and knowledge is useless if you don’t have the skills to put what you know into action. Included here are the all important inter-personal skills without which you’ll never be able to effectively sell yourself, or your ideas. If you're serious about your career, you'll need to master these base skills.

Career Strategies

Building Your Brand

Getting a job is the easy part! The next step, turning it into a career is more difficult. The key is developing a personal brand that gets you noticed for all the right reasons. To create this brand, or reputation, you'll need to focus on the consistent execution of a few simple strategies.

Business Strategies

Transforming Organizations

In the end a successful career is one that leaves a legacy - that makes a real difference for both your organization, the people you work with, and you. Most legacy’s are built on the successful execution of a few simple strategies; strategies that you can use to create your own legacy

Why Me?

Because unlike many, I don’t just talk a good game, I also play one. I’ve personally used the career and business strategies I write and speak about to forge an awesome career; a career which has involved the transformation of many organizations, and in the process, many careers as well. For more on my background please see my about page.

The truth is, while my expertise is in transforming companies, my passion has always been about helping people transform their lives and careers.

Over the years I’ve pursued this passion through personal coaching, public speaking and the written word. In addition to many articles and blog posts, I’ve written two books, the most recent being Anything But Ordinary, a book for and about young professionals struggling to find their ideal career path and their true purpose. My first book, Bigger Balls, which was a best-seller in Canada, chronicled my role in saving the Canadian Football League from near collapse, and the business and personal lessons learned in the process.

Bigger Balls

"Jeff Giles, one of the most instrumental in the rebuilding of the CFL, chronicles the ups and downs, the trials and tribulations that saw the CFL go from death's door back to respectability during the late 1990's. But Bigger Balls is about much more than that. It is also a thoughtful examination of the Canadian sense of modesty, of inferiority. And it's a wake-up call."(from the Foreword by John Tory)

Anything But Ordinary

This is a story about three young professionals who when faced with office politics, unsupportive managers, and what they perceived as unwarranted criticism, are forced to re-evaluate everything they believe about themselves and the careers. In the process not only do they discover their true purpose, but also important insights about themselves and the skills they really need to achieve their goals.

My Blog

No matter where you are in your career, whether you’re just starting out or well on your way, it’s never too late, or too early, to use the ideas and strategies I write about to give your career a boost, and perhaps, a whole new direction and sense of purpose.

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