About Jeffrey

Jeff is a successful corporate restructuring and transformation specialist whose focus has always been on helping organizations and people achieve their full potential.

Throughout his career, Jeff has been involved in many high-profile and controversial restructuring assignments, none bigger than the Canadian Football League. As President, he was instrumental in helping transform the league from near bankruptcy in 1996, back to a vibrant, truly Canadian treasure, that went on to enjoy two decades of relative stability. He later documented the story behind this turnaround and the lessons learned in his best-selling book, “Bigger Balls – The CFL and Overcoming the Canadian Inferiority Complex.”

For the past ten years Jeff has been involved in university athletics, serving first as Director of Athletics and Recreation at McMaster University and then interim Athletic Director at Ryerson University. While at McMaster he was part of a team that developed the ground-breaking community engagement program, McMaster Athletes Care. This program harnessed the energy of 500 or more student-athletes, creating a volunteer army that spread out across the city, working with agencies in the community to provide mentorship and role models for at-risk kids. Jeff also helped to establish a similar program at Ryerson.

Jeff, currently semi-retired, continues to write and consult on personal and business development, with a particular emphasis on how community engagement and strategic philanthropy can benefit and enrich Canadian business.