Campus Speaking

In addition to his years of corporate experience, Jeff has worked for over 7 years within the university setting where he provided career and personal development advice to students looking for help in making the transition to the work-world.

To reach more students he wrote “Anything but Ordinary”, a story for young, motivated professionals who are just starting out and are struggling to find themselves and their ideal career. The book is full of hints and strategies for developing game-changing careers.

Each of the following programs can be customized to either an undergraduate or graduate audience and presented in a keynote speech or workshop.


What Are Employers Really Looking For When Hiring?

  • Your formal education is not a top priority
  • Authenticity is King
  • So is one very specific leadership skill, and
  • One critical soft-skill


Why Your Personal Brand is So Important To Your Future

  • What is a personal brand?
  • How do you develop it and how do you use it?
  • How do you protect it at all costs?
  • The relationship between leadership and your brand (it’s not what you think)


The Five Steps To Achieving Your Dream Career

  1. Realizing it’s not about following your passion, it’s about finding your passion
  2. Getting in the game. Getting that first job (any job)  and using it as a launching pad
  3. Initial strategies for establishing your personal brand
  4. Refining your brand and using it to move up the ladder
  5. Become a champion for cultures of innovation